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We are reinventing how games are played, owned and watched by merging advanced machine learning, engrossing gameplay and blockchain technology. We are building hundred-year games, designed to grow across decades of breathtaking depth and fun.

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“Irreverent Labs' first game is so delightfully eccentric and simple to play, it's easy to overlook the technical achievement of shaping truly original NFT characters with advanced machine learning...”

Arianna Simpson


“As entertainers, we recognize entertainment vision when we see it. This team—and the impact their games and technology could have on the world—excites all of us,” said Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers' Mantis VC fund.

Alex Pall

The Hundred Year Game

Project One
Mecha Cock

We are building a game that utilizes artificial intelligence to create a hilarious and engaging experience that will evolve with players for generations. Our NPCs will live and breathe digital lives as NFTs on the blockchain, enabling private, decentralized ownership by players.

MFC is your first opportunity to enjoy mech fighting as the proud owner and trainer of a one-of-a-kind, artifically intelligent mechabot.

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Who are we?

Irreverent Labs is bringing together a world class team with backgrounds in computer science, machine learning, arts, game development, storytelling and blockchain with one mission: creating games that will outlast any player and become worlds of their own. We believe in the power of player ownership and a play-to-earn economy to create the next stage in human play.

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